My work doesn't shout "you go, girl!" It asks, "so, what now?" 

With that out of the way, herein lie the stories about our home and life "overseas," loving the people who inhabit it, and the baggage we accrued when God called us to something more than the American Dream. 

By day, I'm a perpetual volunteer, wife to a missional woodworking artist, and the introverted mother of three extroverted TCKs. After bedtime or before the school bell rings, I moonlight as a freelance writer and editor, producing web copy with soul (and snark). 

Currently, I'm the weekly columnist for, an Irish faith and culture magazine and I report on the Irish religious landscape for Religion News Service. I also serve as an editor and regular contributor to Velvet Ashes, an online community for cross-cultural women. More of my writing can be found here.

Future dreams include returning to school for an MFA, running a quaintly urban used-bookshop, and figuring out menu planning. All three things have an equal chance of happening.

In the meantime, my crew and I - plus a sweet lurcher called Cocoa - live in Dublin, Ireland.


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