One Day

I've recently started following Laura over at Hollywood Housewife, after a bit of trepidation because, well, Hollywood, but I'm so glad I did. I love her simple, wise writing style and peeking into a typical family's life under the glare of LA lights. Once a year she encourages her readers and friends to capture the mundane moments of everyday life and, even though I feel I already post mundane things, decided to join them. Here's what a typical day with a slightly sick expat mum in Ireland looks like:

1 Morning cuddles / 2 School run / 3 School pick-up / 4 Cleaning before guest arrives / 5 Newsletter writing / 6 Church view / 7 Kitchen shenanigans / 8 Feet up & kids in bed

The next to last one is my favourite. Matt has a slight penchant for leaving cabinet doors open, and I have a slight penchant for nagging him about it. I must've nagged him one too many times because this scene was waiting for me in the kitchen after the bedtime routine. I laughed so loud and so hard Jack was afraid I was crying. Matt is one of the funniest people I know and still makes me laugh, even on the sick, slow days.

That's true love, people.

You can see everyone's posts on Instagram via #OneDayHH.