A (discombobulated) Day in the Life

I had this grand idea to go out for the day "on assignment" (as in, I'd been given some assigned work to do and thought I'd double dip and make this an actual blog assignment), grab images of my day along the way, and share it with you. And it was going pretty well... until a school-pick-up crisis. Then it all went to pot. But no matter. I'm gonna share it with you anyway.

Soundtrack: Illinoise (Sufjan Stevens)

Reading: Jesus Calling (Sarah Young) & Bird by Bird (Anne Lamott)

2013-06-12 11.00.53

The bus is our primary mode of transportation when going into City Centre. When we lived here before, we took the train into town, riding fast along the sea. But now we're bus people, on the upper deck for the better view.

2013-06-12 11.01.18
2013-06-12 11.03.05

Every street sign and most building signs are bilingual. Irish is still the "first language" of Ireland, but English is the primary language for most of the country. I am terrible at pronouncing Irish words, but you do find yourself getting used to seeing them everywhere and using them occasionally.

2013-06-12 11.10.27
2013-06-12 11.15.13

Most sidewalks/footpaths have a pedestrian side and a cycling side. This is great for me as I'm incapable of walking straight, or figuring out which side of the road or path I'm supposed to walk on.


Fact: I do my best work by the sea. With coffee.


Ok, now here is where my day lost the plot. Imagine it's filled with speed-walking, frantic phone calls to a friend who serves as our school emergency contact, waiting for buses, and an usually quiet afternoon while we all cooled off. Don't worry. No children were permanently scarred in the making of this day.

2013-06-12 20.55.30

At bedtime, Jack had to do some emergency surgery on E's lego ice dragon.

2013-06-13 21.07.55

How I end my day, every day, under those bright curtains with a snoring Asher by my side.

2013-06-13 21.16.19

And there you go. About 2/3 of my day. I skipped all meals as I have a general "no pictures of food" policy and our kitchen is usually overrun by three small people and a LOT of crumbs under the table. Besides, I usually default to coffee anyway (see above).

If you blog, do you have a day in the life post? Link below, or tell me: what do your days usually consist of?