Of midwest moms and European fashion


Everyone dresses so well here. It is both adorable and infuriating. I'd fit in well among them as I'm under 5 foot 4 with this rusty brown hair... if it weren't for these boot-legged jeans or my new balance sneakers ("runners") or my hair being forever in a pony tail or my burgundy hoodie.

This is what Moms wear in the Midwest! Everyone just be cool about it, ok?

I mean, yes, I'm experimenting with skinny jeans. I'm not thrilled about it, but I am trying. I shop at H&M and have embraced the ten euro cardi(gan). I'm trying to add to my scarf collection. Scarves are everywhere here and you instantly look European! and Romantic! and Ready for Winter!

that's not me in the above image... i endeavor to purchase the outfit, though

This morning I'm attempting to do some work at Starbucks in the local shopping centre. I sit where I can see this drizzled gray sky, watching the young mothers and retired grandads push and pull buggies around the car park and through glass doors.

Bright Orla Kiely diaper bags and thin young men in track suits pass by my wide window. Mums in the most beautiful boots I've ever seen carry newborn babies. Business men, kerchiefs tucked in their blazers and pointed shoes at the ready, trade turns with teens skipping school. Off-the-shoulder-flannel will never go out of style, paired today with cut-off jean shorts and sheer black tights. A young goth girl instantly makes me feel at home, for I knew a young goth girl once.

And the leaves are turning orange.

For these #31days I'm writing on being at home in Ireland, including the dress code. There may be a fashion show later. You never can tell.