Paddy's Day, as renewed Irish residents

This was our first St Patrick's Day in Ireland since 2010. Spoiler alert: still green, still chilly, still wet. :)

Actually, this has been a mostly brilliant week weather-wise, and the country has a distinct festive feel in the lead up to its national holiday. It's like Christmas and the 4th of July rolled into one mega celebration. We knew it was meant to rain today, so yesterday Matt kicked us all out of the house and took us to Clonmacnoise, a national heritage site where the remains of a medieval monastery lay along the River Shannon.

In the exhaustion of new life, new rhythms, new words and new people, it's easy to ignore the beauty just around the next bend in the road. It does our hearts good to roam in it, breathe in the river air, run till our feet are wet. 

So Happy St Patrick's Day from this very green isle. Wish you were here.


How do they celebrate Paddy's Day where you are?