Five Friday Favourites

1) Duh. My sister's engagement! Jessica & Nathan got engaged last weekend and are planning a Memorial Day Weekend 2014 wedding. So excited for them and also already planning our American Holiday. :) Can. Not. Wait.

2) Palace Talks Signing with Record Machine... :: Speaking of Nathan, he owns a small record label out of Kansas City and here is a fantastic article about one of his bands, Palace, and their relationship with Nathan and his label. I don't want to gush, so I'll let the band do it for me.

3) Take Courage | Jennifer Ebenhack :: An old college friend and I have reconnected online through our blogs and I love it! Jen and I were both Kansas girls in the Moody Chorale, and then she found herself in Haiti, living and ministering through a 9-year adoption process culminating in the Port-au-Prince earthquake. She is encouraging, thoughtful and vulnerable. Please go visit her blog and give her some love.

4) Fox Books Files For Bankruptcy | The Onion :: Sad news from the Upper West Side. Fox Books, "...once known as the “Big Bad Wolf” for its ability to put independent bookstores out of business by wooing customers with its sharp discounts and designer coffee," has filed for bankruptcy. I can't speak for everyone, or the Little Shop Around the Corner, but I will miss never actually stepping foot inside this imaginary mega bookstore. Save Fox Books? [i love that this article combines some of my favourites lines from You've Got Mail, including "the lone reed," "bottles of olive oil," and "Jeffersonian purity." :) ]

5) Computer Camp :: This is the eldest, our proud computer geek. For as wild and fast as his sister is, he is reflective, creative and focused. He's already started his own blog (just for family and close friends, at the moment) and has hopes for becoming a writer, an artist, or a video game designer. Whatever he ends up being, I'm so glad there are programs and activities out there for him!

So those are my top five for this week! If you've got your own Friday favourites, comment below. Or write your own blog post - if you do, you can use this handy button to join in on the Friday fun!

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